Viaggiare con la sigaretta elettronica in aereo – Sopravvivere ai controlli

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Launching away from home for a Caribbean resort is now everyone’s dream, even for those who have now arrived late compared to the schedule of most tourists.
It is important in these cases, in addition to turning off the lights, gas and ensuring the home protect our electronic cigarette.
Protect it not only from bumps and falls but from all those constraints that travel with the electronic cigarette imposes on us: first of all the electronic cigarette on the plane.

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Pass the checks to bring the electronic cigarette on the plane

travel with the electronic cigarette
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First thing to do is to have extra batteries, a scrupulous control of the absence of damage is to be considered a must. In any case, be sure to keep them away from magnets or anything that might come on and catch fire near them.

Secondly, be sure to turn off your device so as not to have too many problems related to security checks. In these cases it is only necessary to remove the batteries from the box of the electronic cigarette and place them in a container appropriated, nothing too difficult.

I do not think it is necessary to tell you that the first rule to be respected is to follow the regulations imposed by the specific airport.
It is important to note that the electronic cigarette can never be opened and used on an airplane.
This not only because of discomfort towards other passengers but due to explicit prohibitions of flight regulations.

The smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco-containing products has always been forbidden, as you boarded the belts surely you noticed that you were not smoking.
Due to a very crude interpretation, electronic cigarettes have also been included in this ban, thus prohibiting the vape but not the transport of electronic cigarettes on the plane.

What does the legislation on “electronic cigarette in an airplane” say?

electronic cigarette on the plane
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Here is what is reported by following regulations of the Department of Transportation, then extended to a global level:

“Earlier this year, the Department of Transportation (DOT) explicitly banned the use of electronic cigarettes on commercial flights. In 2015, the PHMSA issued a final regulation prohibiting air passengers from using electronic cigarettes by prohibiting charging devices on board “.

In summary, passengers are allowed to carry electronic cigarettes on the plane with them, but they must turn them off and do not have the ability to charge their batteries during the flight.

Why are batteries important to remember? CBSNews explains this to us.

“Electronic cigarettes are generally powered by lithium batteries that can self ignite if damaged, exposed to excessive temperatures or have a manufacturing defect.”

As far as the liquids inside the electronic cigarette are concerned, you should not have any problem, make sure instead with regards to the external cups that you do not have a capacity of more than 100ml.

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